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      Liu Zhonghan at hanwang plastic machinery company in TaiwanDate:2016-10-17  Hits:1001

             October 13 morning, the municipal party committee secretary Liu Zhonghan chiayicounty.there in Taiwan, hanwang plastic machinery co., LTD., met with deputy speaker of chiayi Guo Mingbin, relevant government departments and hanwang, head of the company general manager Wu Zhenrong.

      Liu Zhonghan line field company production workshop, details about the company's products, and company general manager Wu Zhenrong were deep in conversation. In conversation, Wu Zhenrong introduces the developing situation of the company's business philosophy, and competitive advantage, market situation and to the development of the idea and prospect. Wu Zhenrong think industry's future development potential is very huge, confidence in the future development of the situation. Wu Zhenrong said that although the hanwang machinery plastic machinery (anhui) co., LTD. Was set up

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