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      Hanking takes you to understand the degradable development of the film blowing machineDate:2020-09-19  Hits:36

      White pollution of plastic bags has always been a big social problem. If we want to change this situation, we must start from the technology, and the production of degradable plastics is undoubtedly an important subject to comply with the sustainable development. Therefore, the production of biodegradable plastics is a new direction of technological development. Below let us understand the film blowing machine degradable development introduction.    
      PE film blowing machine in the new development situation, the original high energy consumption, high pollution production mode has been difficult to maintain. If the film blowing machine market can not with the development of the market and industrial structure optimization, innovative development, it can only be eliminated by the market.  
      Pe film is widely used in daily life, the development of Pe blown film machine also presents a large good form, under the new situation, green energy conservation and environmental protection has become a new direction, for Pe film blowing machine research has been conducted of green environmental protection, new materials for Pe production Pe bubble film is in the new situation of innovative products.    
      By adding the corresponding degradation auxilants to the raw materials of PE film blowing machine, researchers have gradually developed a degradable and recyclable PE film blowing machine in line with the new market through the study of microbial degradation performance and experiments in PE film blowing machine.
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