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      Contact:Manager Fei
      Add.:DongHuan Road(Near East HePing Road),Economic and Technological Development Zone of TongCheng

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      Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui) Co., Ltd is customer-centric, adhering the philosophy that the company seek common development as well as harmony with its employees and customers, following the ideology that “next process is customer”.

      The after-sales service of Han King Plastic Machinery involves not only the regular maintenance and inspection, but also services to problems. That means it won’t cost you extra money to get supportive service and make your blown film machine back to work. It allows customers have full guarantee and greater price transparency. Also ensures customers get first-class service at a fixed price no matter when:

      ▲Early problem discovery, less unexpected shutdown time

      ▲Service charge for all kinds of problems included

      ▲Greater price transparency

      ▲Plannable Service

      ▲Preventive maintenance to increase productivity and usability

      ▲Regular and professional maintenance

      ▲Professional guide on maintenance

       Genuine Parts

      If you choose genuine parts of Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui), that means the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the machine have passed the actual production.

      Generally, it’s difficult to distinguish the difference among different easily-worn parts. But for the highly accurate blown film machine, even if it’s a tiny difference, it’d have a huge impact on quality of plastic film. High quality parts is the key. Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui) applies the top design technology, chooses the best raw material for manufacturing genuine parts, and passes through strict quality test in final process. The quality and reliability of every single genuine part from Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui) has passed the actual production, which will prevent your machine from unexpected breakdown.

      We promise:

      1.Can provide 80% of after-sales service parts at once

      2.Offer delivery service around the clock to reduce the shutdown time and raise corporate competitiveness


      Counterfeit parts have poor performance, and the machine cannot work properly; constantly changing counterfeit parts leads to cost rise; mistakenly modifying counterfeit parts would decrease the precision of the machine; the machine performance drop, so would the life span; quality of printing go down, so would orders from customers……

      To maintain your production machine, to extend its life span, and to guarantee ongoing printing quality, please contact Parts Department in Anhui province which Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui) set up to purchase genuine parts of Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui).

      Han King Plastic Machinery (Anhui) Co., Ltd promise: for customer technical consultation, service staff call back and answer in an hour.

      If it’s necessary, service staff will get to customers in 4 hours during working hour, for special reasons, the company will serve for you in 24 hours.

      After-sales Service Staff Contact:

      Tel: 0556-6188333/6196477

      Fax: 0556-6188333

      Mobile Phone:13865106333


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